Putting Racial Equity Front and Center

On January 31, VAN hosted its Collaborative Community Forum at the gym of Village Church in Beaverton where 215 people came together to "crowd-source" ideas on how best to advance racial equity in Washington County. Nearly 4 in 10 participants identified as a person of color, and the feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive. The next opportunity to assemble as a large group is April 29 from 4:30-7:30pm. Between now and then, VAN and its culturally-specific partners including Adelante Mujeres, APANO, Bienestar, and Coalition of Communities of Color, will be facilitating Community Conversations to identify common priorities that may be ripe for action. For more info, click on the link under Upcoming Events, and add your e-mail to the mailing list for updates on this and other news!

Image VAN's Executive Director Glenn Montgomery (center) moderates a DEI panel discussion as part of Meet the Funders. Panelists (L to R): Roberto Franco, Oregon Community Foundation; Bridget Calfee, Homeplate Youth Services, Hanif Fazal, Center for Equity and Inclusion, and Matt Morton, Meyer Memorial Trust

VAN Celebrates Another Year of Collaboration!

On June 25, one hundred people gathered to enjoy good food, drink, live music, and a little socializing as part of VAN's Annual Celebration, a tradition that honors the collaborative spirit of Washington County. The audience had an opportunity to experience collaboration firsthand with a challenging quiz that had the room buzzing and a group art project that produced a fabulous 4' x 6' mosaic!
Two great collaborative initiatives were highlighted as well. Watch a short video on each, and click on the images below to learn more.
Coalition of Communities of Color Community Research Project
Tree For All
Leading with Race Tree For All

Addressing Homelessness:
A Dialogue Between Faith & Government

In partnership with Project Homeless Connect, VAN gathered 175 people from faith, government, and the nonprofit sector to explore ways to collaborate more effectively and achieve better outcomes in service to people experiencing homelessness. Read more.

Update on VAN's Efforts to Strengthen Nonprofits and Advance Equity in Washington County

VAN is more than halfway through a 2-year Meyer Memorial Trust grant to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion through its work with the nonprofit sector in Washington County. A cross-sector strategic planning team spent nine months studying the Washington County landscape and discerning how VAN can engage the nonprofit sector in concert with its mission as convener and facilitator of collaboration. The planning team delivered recommendations to VAN's Board for consideration at its upcoming retreat in July. Stay tuned for more details!
Check out the video below to learn how VAN was created and its importance in Washington County.

Vision Action Network connects stakeholders across sectors - from government and nonprofit to healthcare, education, business and faith-based communities - to address critical issues in Washington County and improve the quality of life for all county residents.

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