Collaborative Solutions for Washington County

Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to engage stakeholders across sectors to collaboratively address critical issues in Washington County.

Our Vision is a Washington County where all people live and work in healthy, vibrant, and sustainable communities.

Vision Action Network Values

Trust and Care: We promote an environment of trust, mutual respect, and care in our work.

Collaboration and Transparency: We encourage collaboration and open, transparent engagement among our stakeholders as the most effective means to address complex community issues.

Diversity: We actively seek to engage stakeholders that reflect the diversity of our community.

Equity: We strive to apply an equity lens to our work to eliminate disparities in our community.

The VAN Process: Listen. Focus. Act.

Listen: VAN engages in stakeholder conversations, conducts research and gathers data, to identify and assess critical issues in Washington County.

Focus: Using an established process and a defined set of criteria, VAN engages stakeholders in a deeper anaylsis of select priority issues to understand the problems, agree upon desired outcomes, and consider potential strategies to achieve them.

Act: VAN collaborates with stakeholders to execute strategies to produce desired outcomes and effect positive systemic change in the community.

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