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Statement in Support of Immigrants, Refugees, People of Color, and Other Marginalized People

Washington County is where all people live and work in healthy, vibrant, and sustainable communities. This is the vision statement of VAN taken from our 2015-18 Strategic Plan. It could not be more relevant given today’s political climate where divisiveness has led to dis-ease, and where the threat of persecution has led to fear and isolationism for many residents in our community, regardless of their status. The current conditions put stress on us all and seriously compromise our community’s health and vibrancy.

I have heard stories of people in our county who are afraid to seek medical care, to report abuse and neglect, or to appear in court as a witness to a criminal act for fear of being apprehended, detained, possibly arrested, or even deported. The uncertainty that prevails has eroded people’s trust in our government and the system of justice upon which it is founded. Sadly, the vast majority of these people want nothing more than to live in peace, to engage in meaningful work, to give back to their communities, and to make a better life for their children.

VAN’s mission is to engage stakeholders across sectors to collaboratively address critical issues in Washington County. Today we are experiencing a crisis of the most elemental nature – a crisis of empathy and compassion for those who are vulnerable and without power. As the “impartial convener” of collaboration in Washington County, VAN is committed to working with its stakeholders and county residents to grapple with this issue and to appeal to the better angels of our nature in support of all people who strive to contribute to and benefit from this great community.

To this end, and with the help of its stakeholders, VAN will curate and maintain a list of resources that may be useful to service providers and individuals in their efforts to protect and defend vulnerable people in Washington County. Please don’t hesitate to forward any information you have that may expand upon the information below.

In service,


Glenn Montgomery
Executive Director

Resources for those that work with and support
immigrant and refugee communities

Below is a compilation of information and resources curated by VAN from a variety of sources and in good faith as to the accuracy, though VAN cannot guarantee, nor be responsible for the content of any third party linked sites.


Homeland Security immigrtation list includes Washington County

State and Local Declarations

Oregon Governor Brown Addresses Immigration Policy, Expands Protections

News Release     Executive Order

Washington County DA's Statement on Recent News Regarding Immigration Laws

Washington County Sheriff's Office Statement on Immigration

Washington County Cooperative Library Services - Safe access to library services

City of Beaverton passes resolution as a Sanctuary City.

City of Cornelius passes resolution on immigrant-friendly environment and community.

City of Forest Grove passes resolution as an inclusive community for all persons.

City of Hillsboro passes resolution as a sanctuary city.

Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center passes resolution as a "safe haven," and provides links to resources and events.

Immigration Resources

Administrative Relief - Run by the Committee for Immigration Reform Implementation (CIRI). For information on immigration, especially DACA.

National Immigration Law Center - For issues on immigration, workers' rights, education, taxes, and more.

Resources in multiple languages - Washington County Cooperative Library Services

Law and Government - Washington County Cooperative Library Services

Resources for Sanctuary Supporters - Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice

ICE Raid Toolkit

Find someone who has been detained by ICE

Resources for LatinX (may be helpful to others)

National Council of La Raza - Information on immigration, voting, education, and more.

Post-Election Support for Families

Protect Your Family//Proteja Su Familia in English and en español

Legal Services Organizations

Oregon Law Help - Legal Aid by County

Referral List for Immigration Attorneys

Metropolitan Public Defenders Services

Immigration Counseling Services

Catholic Charities Legal Services

Criminal Justice

ACLU - Know Your Rights!

Report a hate crime with Oregon's Department of Justice

Civil rights and hate crimes - organizations and resources

Opportunities to Engage

Get involved with Unite Oregon in Washington County

Monthly gatherings and opportunities to get involved with Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice


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