VAN's Programmatic Goals


In years past, VAN has been guided by a menu of eight issue areas emerging from the Vision-West visioning process.  Since then, new issues have emerged, and the eight population-focused issue areas now seem to be subsets of broader community-wide issues.
The Board has created two goals that encompass these issue areas and allow for flexibility as community issues change and evolve.  VAN will prioritize work that address these four goals:


1.  Strengthen the economic security of Washington County's most vulnerable populations

According to the 2013 American Community Survey, approximately one in nine residents of Washington County lives below the poverty level, and in the past 40 years this segment of the population has grown at a much faster rate than the county as a whole. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and VAN is in a unique position to work across sectors to strengthen the county's economic base by improving the well-being of its most vulnerable individuals and families.


2.  Increase effectiveness and visibility of cross-sector collaboration in Washington County

Washington County has a reputation and history of collaborative engagement, yet there is always room to improve. Through increased communications and an expansion of our sphere of influence, VAN can strengthen collaboration and improve results.


Download the 2015-2018 VAN Strategic Plan